Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Powers Of Surah Al Quran

Many Hikmah practitioners believe surah from Al Quran have magical powers. Below are just some of the collections posted here for your reference only. Magic is not encouraged in major religions. Please consult your Imam for further advices.

Getting Prophet Muhammad’s intercession

 Surah Al-Anfal and At Taubah

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said, “Whoever frequently recites Surah Al-Anfal and Surah Al-Baraah, then then in the hereafter he will be consented to give intercede."

Obtaining super human strength

Surah Al Huud

Inscribe Surah Al-Huud on a deer skin, paper or a piece of cloth, then ties four corners of the skin, paper or cloth into a bundle. People who possess the writing of Surah Al-Huud will possess also super human strength.

To facilitate the sustenance and love affairs

Surah Yusuf

Inscribe Surah Yusuf on a white plate with saffron ink, then dilute with plain water. Drink the water and pray to Allah so as to facilitate our sustenance. As for love, inscribe Surah Yusuf on a piece of cloth with saffron ink then tie it into a bundle. In this way your wife and others will love you.

To cause a cruel person to be demoted

Surah Ar Ra’du

Inscribe Surah Ar Ra’du onto a white porcelain plate when it is raining thunder storm at night, then dilute the inscriptions with rain water. Sprinkle this water in front of the person’s front door. When this person passes through the door, then Allah will make him to lose his position.

To ease job affairs

Surah Al Hijr

Write Aurah al Hijr on a piece of paper or cloth then keep this writing in your cloth. As long as the inscription of Al Hijr is with you, then Allah will help you to ease your job affairs, sustenance problems and business.

To chase away tyrant from an area

Surah An Nahl

Write Surah An Nahl on a piece of cloth, tug it into a bottle. Bury the bottle inside the tyrant’s compound. With Allah’s permission, he or she will leave automatically. In addition, if Surah An Nahl is written on a piece of cloth and tie onto a fruit tree, with Allah’s power, the fruits of the tree will become ripe.

For the accuracy of shooting

Surah Al Isra’

Write Surah al Isra’ onto a piece of white pipe, then install it onto a rifle, this will ease for hitting the target. In addition, Surah Al Isra if inscribed with musk oil, saffron oil and rose water then the writing is diluted with water. Let a child who is experiencing difficulties in speech, after that the child will be able to speak.

To save yourself and your family from poverty

Surah Al Kahfi

Write Surah Al Kahfi on a piece of cloth and tug into a bottle. Bury the bottle inside your house. In addition to that, the benefit of Surah Al Kahfi is that, if you recite Al Kahfi frequently, then all your sins will be forgiven up to forthcoming Friday, and three days after that.

To ease in getting marriage and engagement

Surah At Taha

Write Surah At Taha on a piece of green silk then it is tied into a bundle. Bring package when asking for engagement with a lady, if Allah willing, you will be successful. If it is brought if the package is brought in the midst of a war, then the war will ceased immediately. Also if the inscription is boiled in water and let a widower or a widow to bath, then he or she will be able to find a new mate very soon.

Protection from wild and venomous animals

Surah Al Furqan

Inscribe Surah Al Furqan three times then tie into a bundle. Wild animal such as a tiger or snake alike will leave in the name of Allah because of the benefits that Allah has pass down to Surah Al Furqan.

To bestow disaster to a person

Surah Ar Rum

The Prophet said, whoever always recite Surah Ar Rum will be given rewards as many as the number of angels who are good in praying. If Surah Ar Rum is written and tug into a bottle then the mouth be corked. This bottle is then buried within the house compound of a wicked person, and then the person’s entire household will experience sickness, including outsiders who enter into the area.


For stomach ache and safe from drowning

Surah Luqman

Inscribe Surah Luqman and boil it in water and then let the person who is suffering from stomach ache drink, if Allah is willing then the recovery is very fast. In addition, if Surah Luqman is recited when on a boat, then he or she will be safe from the danger of drowning.

For good business sales

Surah Az Zukhruf

Write Surah Az Zukhruf on the wall of your shop, if Allah is willing and with Allah’s blessing; ease of sustenance. In addition, if this surah is written on a piece of cloth and sleep on it, you will be protected from all bad dreams. Also, if this surah is boiled in rain water and given to people suffer from cough and fever, they will recover.

Free from slander and back stabbing

Surah Al Jaatsiyah

 When this surah is written on a piece of cloth and tie in bundle, you will be saved from the slander of your enemies who try to separate your friends and you.

So that children’s teeth grow fast

Surah Qaaf

Write Surah Al Qaaf on white porcelain plate dilute with water and let children having difficulty in teeth growth to consume, if Allah is willing, then the children’s teeth problem will be solved. In addition, if the water is consumed by restless or drunk, the person will feel calm immediately.

For hasten free from prosecution

Surah Ath Thuur

If a person is given a jail sentence of 10 years for example, when he or she frequently recites Surah Ath Thuur, if Allah is willing, the jail sentence will be reduced.

For softening the heart of authority or VIPs

Surah At Taghabuun

If we have to face our bosses because of certain issue until we are stressed and scared, recite this surah before entering their offices. If Allah is willing, their hearts will be soften and fill with love.

For the ease of business for this world and hereafter

Surah Al Muzammil

Frequent of recitation of this surah and you will be given the ease in all daily chores now and hereafter. All affairs such as paying house bills, watch over children and any other business will become easier.

Go out safely and go home safely

Surah At Tin

Write this surah on a piece of cloth and tie into bundle for the person who wish to travel a far such as outstation, study overseas and etc. If Allah is willing, from where this person came, from where that person will return safely.

For the ease of fishing

Surah An Nashr

Write this surah on a piece of tin then hang it on fish hook or any of the fishing equipment, if Allah is willing, the fish will congregate into your fish net. In addition, if this surah is written on a piece of silk and tie into a bundle, this person will always win in the righteous debate.

So that your enemy’s house rains stones

Surah Al Fil

Write this surah on a piece of old roof tile then bury it in your enemy’s house compound. If Allah is willing, your enemy’s house will be thrown rocks from nowhere. In addition, if surah al Insyirah is recited on the first rakaat and Surah al Fil on the second raakat during dawn solat, then no one can strike you.

To know one’s heart content during sleep

Surah Al Qadr

Write this surah on a piece of cut out from the person whom we would like to know his or her heart content. Write his or her name as the daughter (binti) to mother. Fold and put the cut out on the person’s chest while sleeping. With the power of Allah, this person will utter all things in his or her heart while sleeping.

Other than that, if this surah is recited 7 times on a piece of earth, then the earth is thrown onto the grave of a deceased, his or her body will not be tormented in the grave.

Dreaming of meeting with Prophet SAW

Surah Al Kautsar

Recite this surah 1000x on Friday night follow by Selawat 1000x then go to bed. If Allah is willing, Prophet SAW will see you during sleep.

So that our pocket will never empty of money

Surah Al Balad

This surah is also popularly known as “Kaisul Fuqaraa (poor men’s pouch) because the blessing of this surah that the pocket of the person who recites this surah will never run out of cash if Allah is willing. Recite this surah after solat sunat qabliyah at dawn and you will never run out of money.

Causing antagonisms amongst house tenants

Surah At Thalaq

Use this surah to separate your enemies. Your enemy will always quarrel due to differences amongst themselves. The method is to write Surah At Thalaq on a white porcelain plate and dilute with plain water. Sprinkler the water around their house compounds.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Asma Sirr For All Levels

Asma Sirr is a multipurpose doa. For the new comers in Islamic occult, Asma Sirr is the easiest way to achieve supernatural power. I am hereby listing the purpose and method of practice.

Below is the Asma Sirr:

“Bismilahhirrohmanirrohim Sirrullaahi Dzaatullaahi Shifaatullaahi Wujuudullaahi

Af’alullaahi. Laailaaha illaallaah Muhammadur rasuulullahi. Salaamamun qawlam

mirrabbirrahiim, wamtaazul yawma ayyuhal mujrimuun”

Asma Sirr can be used for setting boundary protection, to fill an object with magical power: if you fill a piece of wood with Asma Sirr, then this wood will be stronger than others.

Some Asma Sirr applications:

1.      Entering spiritual world

a.       First meditate in a cross-leg fashion.

b.      Clear your mind of all thoughts, not even thinking of “white light”.

c.       Recite Asma Sirr while prayer to Allah so as to open the gate to the spiritual world.

d.      Do the ritual repeatedly especially if you are new to occult practices.

e.       Below is a narration from a person who was successful in entering the spiritual world:

                                                              i.      “Previously while I involved myself in the occult world, I was like a dumb person because I have tried many remote viewing ritual or astral travels but that didn’t work for me. Finally I choose Asma Sirr as my only practice. On the third day I practise Asma Sirr; I saw at that instant that the sky split opened and shooting stars came out from the seam for a few seconds.”

2.      To ease the learning of new knowledge

a.       Recite Asma Sirr in the morning and evening 1x and you will excel in whatever you are interested because hidden Asma Sirr contains the secrets of Allah.

3.      To sharpen one’s sixth senses

a.       If one practices Asma Sirr diligently, then his or her sixth senses will automatically be sharpened.

4.      To raise spiritual intelligence

a.       The longer one recites Asma Sirr, and then he or she is susceptible to hear voices from spiritual world or strange dreams.

5.      Receives answers through dreams

a.       He or she will be able to get answers or solutions to demanding problems such as getting to know the location of long lost relatives.

6.      To fill an object with protective power

a.       Place the object in front, recite Asma Sirr 41x, after 1x recitation; blow a breath onto the object.

7.      Free from all dangers

a.       One will possess such ability. However in emergency, add “Salaamun Qaulam mirrabir rahim” 3x.

8.      Whatever one says becomes the truth.

a.       The practitioner of Asma Sirr will have to be careful of what he or she wishes for. Because whatever this person says will become true. So do not wish for bad things.

9.      Getting treasures from spiritual world:

a.       You must be able to perform astral travel.

b.      Find a place that you believe has hidden treasures.

c.       Recite Asma Sirr as many times as possible.

d.      When the time comes, the treasure will eventually reveal itself.