Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Practice Of Nail Cutting

According to Syeikh Abdul Qodir Al-Jalaini, this ritual will enable a person to be ease of sustenance and free from all kind of illness. This practice is in accordance to one of the hadis of Prophet SAW.

The key in performing the nail cutting practice:

  1. The nails should be cut after Asar, on Thursday or Friday.
  2. You should fast during this period.
  3. For improving sustenance: cut your nails on Thursday.
  4. For improving health: cut your nails of Friday.
Now, prepare a nail clipper and perform tawassul:

  1. Recite Bismillah
  2. Nabi Muhamad SAW (Al-Fatihah 9x)
  3. Family and Companions (Al-Fatihah 6x)
  4. Prophets and Malaikat (Al-Fatihah 7x)
  5. Syeikh Abdul Qodir Al-Jalaini (Al-Fatihah 6x)
  6. Abdul bin Buththah (Al-Fatihah 6x)
  7. Amid bin Abdurr Rahman (Al-Fatihah 6x)
The sequence of nail cutting:

  1. Start with your right hand:
    1. little finger
    2. thumb finger
    3. middle finger
    4. ring finger
    5. index finger
  2. Continue with your left hand:
    1. thumb finger
    2. middle finger
    3. little finger
    4. index finger
    5. ring finger
After completion recite: "Alhamdulillahillazi azhaba annil azaa wa aafani ghufroonaka."

Do’a Seribu Dinar

This is called the “prayer of 1000 dinar”.


Once upon a time, while a person was sailing in a ship; he heard a voice originated from a Muslim jinni saying “if you can throw 1000 dinar overboard, then I will give you one practice in which Allah will give you overflowing sustenance.”


So the person threw the required money overboard, and a disembodied voice was heard reciting Surat At-Thalaq 2-3:


“Wa may yat-taqil laaha ya’al lahuu makhrajaa, wa yarzuqhu min hatsu laa yahtasib, wa may yatawak-kal ‘alallahi fa huwa hasbuh, in-nal laaha baalighu amrih, qad ja’alal laahu likulli syai-in dadraa.”


This do’a is recited routinely in one day and one night without counting the repetitions. If God is willing, then you will be pouring with unexpected sustenance with ease compared with before the practice.


Do’a Seribu Dinar can also be practiced by those people who find difficulties in getting their soul mates through much unexpected circumstances.



Becoming Rich In One Year’s Time

If the below ritual is practised faithfully, then we will obtain richness in a period of less than one year. Here’s the ritual:


1.      Fast on Monday and Thursday every week.

2.      Recite Surah Al-Waqiah before go to bed.

3.      Perform sholawat to Nabi 100 times after each obligatory prayer.