Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to Cast a Love-Spell with Cigarette Smoke

This love spell is accomplished by influencing the subject/target with your puffs of cigarette smoke or by having the subject smoke one of your cigarettes. If the subject is a smoker, you may let him/her smoke from a cigarette enchanted beforehand, otherwise, you will have to puff smoke in the direction of the subject.

Do the following :
Have at hand an open packet of cigarettes with the sticks exposed to view. Before enchanting the cigarettes, say this prayer :

O Lord, with the blessing within this Koranic verse, may the person called . . . [state name of subject] . . . daughter/son . . . of [state name of mother if the subject is a man, name of father if a woman] love me."

After the prayer, chant the following Koranic verse 41x over the cigarettes visualizing the subject as hugging or smiling lovingly at you. After each single chant, blow upon the cigarettes. Visualize energy in the form of a brilliant white light as flowing with your breath and as impregnating the cigarettes. You will thus have to blow 41x.

"Asallaahu an yakuffa baksal ladziina kafaruu, wallaahu asyaddu baksauw wa asyaddu tankiilaa." 41x (An Nisaa' 84)

When the empowerment is accomplished, the cigarettes are ready to be used. If it pleases God, the subject would find you charming and enchanting and may strongly feel the urge to form a relationship with you.


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