Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Qasam Al-Fatiha

A tried translation:

The Oath To The Commencement

"In the Name of the God, the compassionate and most merciful; praised be the God, the Lord of the worlds. I beckon you with this Surah, the assembly of the spirits of rohaniya and guardians. By the truth of the Archangel Jibrail the compassionate and merciful! Master of the Day of Judgement, I call upon you, the sovereign guardian with these ayat to answer this prayer of the God. And by the truth of Archangel Mikail, to you we render worship and from you we seek aid. I call upon you, guardian angels, with the mighty names and by the throne carrier of the mightiness. Guide us upon the straight path, for verily this is an oath. By the truth of Archangel Izrail, the paths of those upon whom you best bestow grace; not those who you had shown your wrath and those who are led astray. Answer me, sovereign guardian with the mighty names of origination and termination of this noble Surah and ayat of blessedness. By the truth of say, say, say, say: “It is One God, and by the truth of the purifying beneficent light of the chosen one, Muhammad, the salutations of the God be upon Him and His Household, bestow my need by your mercy, Oh the most compassionate and merciful."

As the name implies, the above oath is recited to recall the oath of Archangels to guard mankind in the name of God.